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Learn more about the services we offer below.


custom linoleum flooring installed in tahoe city

We have a spectacular amount of experience installing linoleum floorings, primarily in commercial environments such as medical facilities or industrial settings. Matt Vargas has been installing linoleum floorings for the entirety of his 30-plus year career as a custom flooring specialist.


hardwood floor refinishing and installation truckee california

Our specialization. The installation of hardwood flooring, engineered flooring, and pre-finished flooring, with onsite sand and finishing, is where our talent and passion for creating next-level custom flooring becomes appearant.  

Natural Floor Coverings

natural floor covering options in california and nevada

The use of renewable and environmentally friendly materials to cover the ground of your home is yet another option we offer, taking our business one step ahead in showing our dedication to environmentally friendly  business practices.

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