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hardwood floor installer near me

Specializing in the installation of custom hardwood, linoleum, and natural floor coverings with over 34 years of experience.

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Matt Vargas Custom Flooring

Helping Our Customers & Our Planet Stay Healthy

Matt Vargas Custom Flooring is committed to helping the environment by using natural products and environmentally friendly procedures when available. The products we use that are better for the well-being of the planet include low to 0 VOC* floor finishes and adhesives. We have worked with many customers who are chemically sensitive, who have chemical allergies, and many who have concerns about the well-being of their environment. While in everyday operation, we put the health of our customers, the well-being of our team, and the idea of minimalizing the impact we have on our planet as a priority. 

Have a question about the products we use? Email us at for additional information or support.

*What is VOC?

VOC is the rating of Volatile Organic Compounds that are emitted into the air during the application process of finishes used in painting, staining, and other processes. A high VOC rating means that there are more of these possibly harmful compounds being released during the use of the product. 

Serving a Diverse Area!

The versatility of the custom flooring industry allows Matt Vargas Custom Flooring to operate throughout different areas of the West Coast, with a higher focus on the areas of:

South Lake Tahoe, California (Primary)

Tahoe City, California

Truckee, California

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